Applied Research:

Gain knowledge or understanding to determine the means by which a specific, recognized need may be met.

NOTE: Includes investigations oriented to discovering new scientific knowledge that has specific commercial objectives with respect to products, processes, or services. It may include research and investigation in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Reference: Title 8 CFR §214.2 (h)(19)(iii)(C).

Scientific Purpose (51%)

For the purpose of aiding a community or geographical area by attracting new industry to the community or area or by encouraging the development of, or retention of, an industry in the community or area. NTEE-CC: U40

Educational Purpose (38%)

The instruction or training of the individual for the purpose of improving or developing his or her capabilities; or the instruction of the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community. NTEE-CC: W70, J20-22

Charitable Purpose (11%)

The term charitable is used in Title 26 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §501(c)(3) in its generally accepted legal sense and such term includes, but is not limited to, advancement of education or science. NTEE-CC: W99

Fiscal Sponsorship (100%)

Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. can distribute funds to nonexempt organizations or projects, provided it retains control and discretion over use of the funds for its 501(c)(3) purposes. IRS Rev. Rul. 68-489, NTEE-CC: S30

Delaware Charitable Nonstock Exempt Corporation

Charitable contributions to IRC 501(c)(3) organizations, except for testing for public safety organizations, are deductible by donors on their federal income tax returns as provided by IRC 170(a)(1).

IRC 509(a)(2) places a limit on the receipt of certain types of income to be regarded as a publicly supported entity. Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. normally receives more than one-third of its total support in each taxable year from the sum of: a. Gifts, grants, contributions, volunteer fees; and and b. Gross receipts from admission fees, sales of merchandise, performance of services, or furnishing of facilities, in an activity that is not an unrelated trade or business within the meaning of IRC 513. Disclaimer: Nonprofit Applied Research, Inc. normally receives less than one-third of its total support from the sum of: a. Gross investment income, and b. Unrelated business taxable income less the tax imposed on that income.


The Secretary of State of Delaware issued a certificate on 8/6/2019, File No: 7547518, Authentication Number: 203397173.

IRS 501(c)(3) Recognition

Timely filed application for recognition of exemption. IRS issued a determination letter on September 27, 2019 for EIN #: 84-2704646.


Foreign qualification to transact business any other state, territory, or dependency involves filing for a Certificate of Authority or Qualification.

501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsorship

Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. ensures use of the funds for section 501(c)(3) purposes by limiting distributions to specific projects (as defined by the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Core Codes (NTEE-CC)) that are in furtherance of its own exempt purposes (scientific, educational, and charitable as described above). Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. retains control and discretion as to the use of the funds and maintains records establishing that the funds were used for section 501(c)(3) purposes. (Reference: IRS Rev. Rul. 68-489)

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Instruction and training provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.


The design, development, and support of computer operating systems and applications, includes technology consulting services.


Financial services to commercial and retail customers, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms.


Activities undertaken by a company to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.


Diverse products and services including motion pictures, television, music, broadcasting, print media, toys, gaming, gambling, sports, and fine arts.


Services primarily through a fixed-line, cellular, wireless, high bandwidth and/or fiber optic cable network.

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Claim Eligibility for H-1B Cap Exemption

A for profit corporation or limited liablity company that would not othewise qualify for H-1B cap exemption can file a DHS USCIS Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, that will be a direct employee of the startup maintaining a relationship with Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. The candidate will spend 55% (i.e., a majority) of her/his time working on-site at a physical office location controlled by Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. To schedule an orientation, email today.

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NAICS: 541330
Engineering Services

Design, development, and utilization of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and systems.

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NAICS: 541511
Custom Computer Programming Services

Writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer.

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NAICS: 541430
Graphic Design Services

Planning, designing, and managing the production of visual communication in order to convey specific messages or concepts, clarify complex information, or project visual identities.

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NAICS: 541380
Testing Laboratories

Performing physical, chemical, and other analytical testing services.


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Nonprofit Applied Research Organization, Inc. responds to problems faced within communities of the United States of America (USA), as well as focuses on other needs around the world that must be attended to. This can also be acted upon through the implementation of projects under fiscal sponsorship, operated and managed by volunteers, executive trainees, research scholars, staff/employees, or independent contractors.

The United States Tax Court has held the term "charitable" embraces "any benevolent or philanthropic objective not prohibited by law or public policy which tends to advance the well-doing and well-being of man." See GameHearts, Corp. v. Comm'r, T.C. Memo. 2015-218 (U.S.T.C. Nov. 16, 2015).

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